About Priyannsha

I have always lived in a separate world even while existing amongst everyone else .I feel too much, I see too much, I loved too deeply and I know things, I have been so fortunate whenever I have asked WHY ?, Universe has answered. I have always had that sense of wonder and never got separated from the Magic of it all. I always thought when I was crossing the dimension of earth, something didn’t quite switch off. My mom tells me I didn’t even cry for a while when I was born. I was born all zen and was forced to cry. But cry I did when I tried for a large part of my life tried to fit in. So what happened with me was what happens when you swim against the current, you get battered and exhausted. I don’t give up easily too, I am pretty much defected like in that area. Again and again I tried to tone myself down, somehow be less than what I was, because frankly I can be quite abrasive with my brutal honesty and lack of decorum and formality.
One fine day when I was utterly exhausted I looked at a picture of a pack of Pink Flamingos and I had a major epiphany. What if a Pink Flamingo decides to hang out with parrots or sparrows or even peacocks, it will not fit in. It will be sight to behold if it tries to mingle .Better late than ever, I have decided to own it, after all You are you for a reason they say. Owning my thoughts, my words, my experiences, my differences, my unique abilities and my shortcomings, all of it took me on a beautiful journey . Like I said to someone the other day, I am happy with my side of the grass, I don’t want to live in your world anymore. What I want to do is share my world with you, and keep like visiting yours now and then, if you don’t mind. And you can visit mine but come only with the highest vibration of love and acceptance, as I will when I visit yours. To Magic, wonder and love forever …