Our Book


For everyone who is obsessed with finding that person.
I am not promoting that we should all be single for years to come, I am just harping on giving yourself the same value and place in the Universe as you would give a relationship. And it is tough, so I want people to be able to use their time well till it happens.
Anyone who wishes to rebuild their self-esteem before they search for love again.
Anyone who wishes to be happy while being single. This book will not get you a partner, it might though , can’t really say. But it will bring you things which haven’t thought were possible. – Anyone who wishes to raise their self-worth.

“For a joke to be funny , it has to have some truth in it, and also some pain”
I have built my self-worth from zero to this level through a painstakingly long process and hence I think this is the song that I can sing , paraphrased from Michael Larson . I always wanted to write a book that can make a difference to someone, as I have always read great books and they have deeply impacted my life.