The karmic cycles in our life cannot be escaped. Karma has to play out whatever happens in mysterious ways and the labyrinth of karma is deep and complicated. I have suffered many cycles and patterns of the same without even a slight inkling that this is happening over and over again with me.

Bad bosses, bad relationships, frenemies, health issues, bad partnerships, failure and delays. Well, I have had it all. Karma basically keeps following you till you have completely suffered it or till you have completely resolved it. You essentially have two choices, to suffer or to resolve. Now, you might ask why not just suffer it? Well it definitely is a choice but resolution is better in many ways, it makes not only life easier for you but also makes you a better person in many ways. It opens your blindfold to your own patterns and cycles and you are able to step out of it and help others along the process. None of the choices are essentially easy I would say, but the return is much higher in resolution overall rather than just letting karma play you indefinitely.

So How do we do it ?

  1. Courage and Persistence: if you give up easily, its not for you. You will have to be extremely courageous and do things you wouldn’t do otherwise. You will have to stand up for yourself, against injustice and speak a lot of truth. For example if in your own family there lies sexism and patriarchy, it will follow you to your in- laws, your work and essentially everywhere. So, the first thing you will have to do is stand up against your family. Charity begins at home, so does change. Fix it in your own family and it will be fixed in every other area.

Persistence because karma exists in many layers, you might clear one layer pf personal karma and after sometime the family karma might appear. Then the ancestral karma which you essentially carry in your DNA might appear, you have to keep at it. For example if your own family doesn’t value you, good luck finding a partner that does. Also speaking truth in the beginning isn’t going to make you popular but you have to choose, stick to your guns or give in. It becomes alright in the end, but all shit might hit the fan when you start it.

  • Ask Questions and Observe : Ignorance is bliss they say, I say Ignorance is suffering. Observe your patterns, your family patterns. If something is like this, why is it like this? Is this like this for everyone or me? Can it be changed, what will it take to change it? I never said it is going to be easy . Why do I get a bad boss in every job I go to? Why are there no successful businessmen in my family? Why are there no successful artists in my life? Once you will start observing you pattern, get out of the victim zone and become objective about it, you will see patterns everywhere. Take note of them and keep them coming. Don’t get overwhelmed by the information. Do what is necessary and the magical will happen on it own. Trust me, been there done that.
  • Resolve the karma : One bad relationship to another, one job to another, one country to another Karma keeps following you. It has no personal interest in you, its your doing of this life and past lives and a factor of cumulative karma with your family, friends and ancestors. There are essentially there ways to easily clear it , a) Self work through meditation : Once you meditate a lot and start working from the inside out, you can break your patterns. Like if you decide not to gossip about anyone, no one will be able to gossip about you even if they try. If you become better, everything becomes better. Raise your own vibration that your patterns dissolve on their own .Your only job is to focus on your own shortcomings and blame only yourself for everything that is happening with you. Jealous friends, just give up jealousy and comparison, tell it to leave your life completely, those friends will leave too and will be replaced by new ones. b) Devotion or Bhakti yoga : this one is not for everyone but it is my favourite. In this one you need total trust, surrender and faith. You receive everything in the same manner, there is no positive or negative, no good or bad, you receive everything as God’s will and accept it with equanimity. When you are not affected by anything, what pattern can affect you and you dedicate all your problems to him/her too, they resolve on their own or you will be shown how to resolve it. This is a hart based method and you cannot engage in the path, your only focus has to be on your goals and of course the object of your devotion. Sometimes I even forget about what I was seeking in this one, as it is so heartwarming to do this. But ofcourse to each their own , you can pick any one or two or all to resolve what you wish for. c) Karma Yoga : Karma yoga is when you take action to resolve your karma or may be you are even guided to do something totally unrelated but it can still resolve your issues. Like working for animals, doing charity or helping anyone in whatever way you can. Even counselling a friend in need, feeding a bird, helping a stranger, working for the environment fall under this category. Basically giving a damn about anyone else apart from yourself. You take whatever you have and start small. This is the easiest and most effective way to clear any karma, care about others and help others. It also makes you happier and fulfilled in the long run .

Concluding this article which I am writing on my birthday eve, because I wanted to share my journey with you all, I want to tell you this journey is silent and tedious, and many won’t understand what you are doing. But always remember no good deed goes unnoticed and when you help someone, their blessings form a blanket of protection around you always. Move forward fearlessly, if I can so can you.

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