Most of my childhood I was deemed an unhealthy child while most of my symptoms were of sensitivity. I was in actuality not a sick child physically, but my gut was very sensitive. Also, I would feel a lot more emotions compared to other children. Now looking back, I was also sensitive to energies as I could easily make out other people’s energy around me and liked or disliked people based on that at a very early age. This made my childhood almost insufferable because no one including me understood what is happening. Sensitivity is a gift it its well managed and protected, but in our society, it is looked upon as a weakness. It is far from that. Because it helped me a lot later and still does. Coming back to the children, all children are natural healers and emotionally open but let me give you few pointers to actually ascertain if your child is sensitive:

  • Your child will be able to judge people based on their energy. The child will show clear likes/ dislikes but might not be able to explain it, as it’s based on energy.
  • They may take on other people’s emotions. All children are like sponges and they absorb your emotions, but sensitive children take on a lot more and this leads to them crying a lot while nothing is wrong with them.
  • Your child is happiest around nature, they adore plants and animals. Not a normal amount but when you can clearly see a difference when they are in nature. Their mood will shift.
  • They might have a sensitive gut or might get cold easily. Mostly they will be healthy so you will wonder why is it happening again and again?
  • They will love creative activities of all kinds; they might be creatively gifted in one or many areas.
  • Your child might not like group activities or hanging out a lot with other children. They might prefer to do solitary activities.
  • The sensitive children are very loving towards others, so they will be loving and generous.

If your child shows all the above symptoms or some of them, how can you help them? Infact like I said all children are born healers and do take on your emotions to an extent anyways. So, it’s great if you can do these measures for your child.

  • Do not push your child to be friendly with anyone they don’t like. Trust me they are better than you at this. Let them decide who they want to hang out with.
  • Lots of plants in and around a house raise the vibration of your house and absorbs any negativity e.g. English ivy and Snake plant.
  • Crystals can raise the vibration of any space immediately. All children irrespective of age and gender are immediately attracted to crystals. I have observed that a lot.
  • If your child shows all the above symptoms, please get them a support dog or cat. I was very lucky to have a dog in my childhood. The pet protects their energy and will immensely help them.
  • Such children are really affected by criticism, so it is not a good tool. Switch to constructive feedback.
  • Engaging them in artistic activities and creative endeavors will nurture them a lot, keep them away from screens and try to include creativity in their routine.
  • Peace and harmony at home and parent’s emotional health also affects them a great deal so take care of yourself too.
  • Clear your space often with sage, kapur or palo santo.

All the above-mentioned things will help all children and families if they inculcate them but they are a must- do if you recognize even a little bit sensitivity in your child. A sensitive child is a huge gift, so cherish and take care of him/her. You will know it in time.

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