When I asked for true love, I got a message that it is going to be difficult but faith can move mountains. I didn’t know it is going to be a huge Karmic mountain of this size seriously, to be honest if I knew it was this much work I might not have done or maybe I would have , I don’t know really. I can be a little crazy like that when I want something. So after going over all toxicity and abuse going on and removing that, I thought , phew I am done. But then came the karmic relationships, and they kept coming and coming. I was about to give up, trust me it was not easy but then I thought to myself what if I have almost climbed it. Let me see if I can reach the summit, after all after so much work I have to see what is on the other side. As also I am not having any fun stuck in these relationships. You know why Karmic relationships are not fun , let me tell you :

  1. They will pull you down even if you constantly help them or are nice to them. Mostly they will wish to take away what you have actually and leave you with nothing.
  2. They would want you to share your good fortune with them in every way while they wont share their good fortune with you. They wish to have what you have, but wont wish you to have what they have.
  3. They will offer or pretend to help you, but it will never work out for you. The reason being that they cannot see you get ahead of them. They cannot see you get more successful than them.
  4. You will get stuck with them in some way , sometimes multiple times till all the karma is paid off literally. Circumstantially you will be stuck with them or you will need them.
  5. They might treat you badly, disrespect you or try to bully you. They will hit your self-esteem or self-worth but always remember only an insecure person does that. But God forbid if you treat them the same way, all hell will break lose.
  6. They will not let you go away even if you wish to till karma remains.
  7. You will get confused about them again and again whether they are good or bad for you. There can good days with them but bad will outweigh that mostly.
  8. They will usually cause you great emotional upheaval, clearance and spiritual growth mainly through suffering.
  9. They can abruptly leave you once the karma gets over. It can cause emotional suffering but its for the best. Let them go .

What to do when you identify most of these signs for a relationship you are in ?

  • You will need oodles of self-love just to accept it.
  • Don’t blame anyone , its karmic and we don’t know how deeply rooted this is. Don’t even blame yourself. Be extra kind to yourself in fact.
  • Heal. Oh you will need to. Trust me.
  • Clear Karma with them and understand probably they are stuck with you too. If it’s a close family member, dynamics might change. But still let them go if they wish to.

So we do feel like giving up in these karmic situations but like my Guru ji Paramanhansa Yogananda ji says that “When karma comes , don’t bleat like a lamb, roar like a lion.” Become stronger, don’t say my karma has brought me here, say I will bring myself over this karma. Become so strong that you don’t face problems, but problems should face you. Also see you on the other side.

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