I read a quote somewhere that family grows in different directions but have the same roots. Now it can’t be truer, but it can work both ways. If the roots of your family are strong, they can nurture and support you, otherwise can you grow without them? roots. You cannot, trust me I have tried and failed. I had to come back and review each and every pattern of my family and my relationship with each and every member of my family. Now you will say that it’s a lot of work, you would rather focus on your own stuff, of course you can but at some point, it will hinder you. Family is the most karmically significant unit in your life, and if you work on it, can be the most rewarding.

When I was learning astrology what amazed me the most was that every member of your family has a position in your birth chart, so it is no coincidence that you are born in that particular one. There are lifetimes that you have spent with these people. Even if you don’t believe in astrology or lifetimes, you still cannot deny the fact that your family plays a huge role in shaping your life and personality. But I have done my research and I have also worked on my family patterns and beliefs. Because I knew that to make my own path, I have to strengthen my roots, and they will hold me when I decide to fly. Now some of these relationships can be toxic, can be difficult to navigate, I do understand that. Some of the people who come to me are not talking to each other, but we at least have to clear the karma to make it peaceful and even if you are at different levels which is bound to happen, bringing the relationship in light and unconditional love is really important.

Sometimes you would have to give a lot to your family to fix your karma. It will be a test of your patience and love towards them. But I have realized it while doing this if you get your parents blessings, and I have seen people getting them, you can become unstoppable. Things that are earned cannot be taken away from you, and who can take away your Family’s blessings. By this I do not mean you have to do whatever your family or parents ask of you. I am the most rebel child one can have. I mean be there for your family, provide the support, nurture them. Stand in front of your family and shield them, because whatever affects them affects you too. When you continuously give someone unconditional love whilst standing in your own power, no one can withstand it for long. The other person melts, the karma melts, even God melts. They will realize it and they will let you be and do whatever you wish and support you.

P.S.- It is not going to be easy, but love can do miracles and faith can move mountains.

Some additional help to clear your karma with family

  1. Your mother is the Moon in your chart, which is responsible for creativity and emotional health and many other things: – Do gayatri mantra for any issues in that area.
  2. Your Father is the Sun in your chart, determines your success and fame: – listen to Aditya Hridya Strotam for any issues there.
  3. Your sister is the Mercury which brings higher wisdom and good fortune:- Pray to lord Ganesha or do his jaap for this.
  4. Your brother is the Mars in your chart, which essentially determines you taking action in any area in your life – Do Hanuman Chalisa for this.

Also for your information all kind of issues you have with your Mother generally, you will have with your MIL and same goes for other familial bonds. So begin the change at home. I can hear your protests but you cannot probably see it because your love levels might be different. Its all the same, I have studied many families, even if its different at the surface, underlying karma will be the same, so you better get to it. I only know of hindu chants but if you don’t like japa, you can always do meditation of any kind to clear it or just help your family or other people as if they are your family. They call it Friends like family for a reason, don’t they?

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