Some moments in our lives are unprecedented and they can cause us deep trauma. As Nitika Gill has said, we have never met an adult in our lives who has no trauma. Any kind of trauma directly hits our self-esteem. It can be personal or professional or something unexpected. It can be big or small. We as human beings are constantly trying to dissolve our traumas and get ahead of them by rebuilding our self- esteem, wherever we have been hit.

This article is all about rebuilding your self-esteem by owning these six areas in your life.

  1. JOY – Doing things that give you happiness = Joy. Your life purpose (not essentially your career) can give you more happiness than you can imagine. Finding out what you were born for makes you feel complete, then you can meet another complete person. Just saying. That is because you cannot put the weight of your entire happiness on one relationship, that is just wrong.

Joy is the necessary sugar to your life.

  • RELIABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY FRIENDSHIPS – Friends make you happier and bring fun into your life. Generally we have lighter karma than family with friends, and having the power of friendship can make you achieve things you can’t alone. Also good friends can see things rationally that you cannot see because of karma with someone, so you should listen to them.

Friends are the spice of life.

  • SUPPORT SYSTEM – Support system reduces your emotional vulnerability on anything or anyone. God and guru can be your spiritual support system. Family and friends and therapists in some cases can be your emotional support system. Physical support system are good and trustworthy people who help you when you need them or are there for you always to fall back upon, they include your house help, colleagues, employees and even family members who are physically present and support you.

Support system is the essential grocery pack of your life.

  • SUCCESS – Well nothing builds your self-esteem faster than professional and personal success, even the hope of it works the same till it happens. Either can come first, but you should have both. Personal success is your success in your overall personal life, not only your romantic relationships. I would like to add here, that sometimes you might have heavy relationship karma so don’t define your success only with how successful your relationships are. Keep working on them in the background.

Success is the eggs in your life. I like mine sunny side up.

  • MAKING PEACE WITH THE PAST – Whatever happens in the past, we need to move from that. 

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. Mary Pickford

We have to work on removing our bad memories and unfulfilled expectations from others. They just hold us back from healing and being happy and finding people and things and opportunities which are a vibrational match for us.

This part is the morning coffee which wakes you up to a new day in your life.

  • OWNING YOUR OWN MISTAKES ANS LEARNING FROM THEM – Learn from your past mistakes and don’t repeat them. Do not overpromise to anyone what you can’t give them. Don’t lose yourself in anyone or anything. Love yourself always, whatever happens. Remember no one is perfect, all we can do is try to be better and not wrong anyone in the process.

This is your cake icing. You can decorate it anyway you like and as much as you like.

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