At one point in my Spiritual journey, I felt pulled apart by my relationship. That is when I realized my relationships were not a source of comfort and joy for me. Infact, it was quite the opposite. More I delved into it, to my surprise it included all my relationships. It included friends, family, romantic, business partners, colleagues and bosses. At that point I came to an understanding I had very deep relationship karma and it was affecting every part of my life. So first I would like to share the signs of deep relationship karma with you. It will help you to understand if you are going through something similar in your life. They are :

1) All relationships seem difficult including family.

2) You keep meeting many people, but they are all wrong for you. If you meet someone who seems right, its circumstantially difficult to be with them.

3) You end up giving more in every relationship, sometimes it may start feeling like a burden.

4) A lot of your relationships turn sour after a point, even if you do everything right, however much you try to salvage them.

5) You have repetitive patterns, like similar things keep happening in all relationships.

These are the most common signs of deep relationship karma. Once you realize you are going through it, even it is a painful realization, this is good news. As you can use this relationship karma to completely shift your reality. Each one of us have things to overcome but we are also blessed with our own unique qualities and gifts. Through which, we can overcome anything in our lives. 

Now when we have a mountain to climb, we must get the necessary gear to get to the top. Without it we will fail to climb it. So first we need a good team on our side.

If you believe and trust in God (whatever your definition of God is), they say God takes 50% of your karma. In India we have always had a beautiful Guru- disciple relationship and it is said that the Guru takes 25% of your karma. By getting them on our side, we have done 75% of the work already. We still must work on the rest of 25%. Below are some of the ways you can completely clear your relationship karma.

– Be selfless in your relationships for a while as what is happening with you, is a direct result of your actions in the past lives. I do not mean you should accept abuse from anyone. Draw healthy boundaries. You might have to do more for a while in your relationships and at some point, they will start to turn around. Or your karma will get over and those people will move away.

– Support other people who are going through similar issues, in this case relationship difficulties. The more you will be there for them, the more your own life will get better. When you are going through your own stuff, it might prove a bit tough to help others. Take a break but never give up on people. Counsel, hear, help, pray with true intention and you will be surprised how it will affect your own life.

– Be a good human being not only to other humans but also be kind to animals, be in sync with mother nature. You can do karma yoga in any form whichever pleases you and whatever gifts you have. Like if you connect to animals, help them. If you want to help clean the beach, go for it. Think of others instead of your own self and the universe will also think of you. Do remember that your main intent should be to help, don’t force yourself to do anything to clear karma. It should be heart based, that is why you have the choice to help in whatever way you can.

Now you might ask me why do all this? You are fine on your own, or you are getting by. First, karma clears in layers. Even if you think you are fine, it will keep following you and keep punching you in the gut whenever it gets a chance. Second, we have to give it a thought, why you and I have such deep relationship karma. That I had to write this article and you came across it. Everything happens for a reason. It does bother us in some ways right. The main reason though is we must Spiritually grow in some way. If everything is hunky dory in our lives, we will not self-analyze and grow as a person. This is our window of opportunity to heal all the parts of ourselves that need attention and become a better version of ourselves. In this process we will touch many lives also. Overall, I recommend hustling over suffering.

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