Life catches you unaware most of the times, but sometimes it can really surprise you. You feel you know everything and it just brings a whole new syllabus. It’s like you are headed for a goal , but someone punches you in the gut and you forget all about your goal in that moment. Just being honest it felt the same when my Kundalini came knocking, everything in my life got blurred except this one thing. It opened a whole new world to me, like when Alice goes down the rabbit hole in her garden, something like that. I was introduced to a whole new dimension to life. The funny thing is I was going about my life in the usual unsuspecting way and it hit me out of nowhere or so I think, so let’s go over the signs and see what actually transpired here

1) Spiritual growth was not on my mind, I never asked for it or I don’t remember asking, I only remember having this nagging feeling that this cannot be all. Going to work every day, paying bills, getting married, is this all to life? I had this feeling until it grew a lot and made me really really unhappy, so let’s consider this the first sign. Some people call it existential crisis or depression, but its just a feeling, when you call the universe to answer it and answer it does.

2) You will be introduced to energy, you will feel energy flowing through you, your chakras kind of will let u know that they are there. You might become an energy livewire for some time, feel all kinds of energy but it will settle down.

3) You will be purged. When I say this don’t take it lightly, you will be purged of all emotions, karma and people in your life who will not support your journey. They will be ejected out of your life, seriously. Any underlying physical conditions will show up to be treated. Everything will be replaced by better, so do not panic.

4) When you go through existential crisis of that sort, you send all your energy to the Universe, to God, you want to be rescued from that feeling. Its difficult to go through it but you are rewarded because when they answer and they will always, you will develop this amazing connection with God/ universe/ Source whatever you like to call it.

5) Your intuition will become another level. You will see more, feel more, you will know when people are lying to you. Of course, before giving you all this on a platter you will have to serve your ego, anger, jealousy and all kinds of negative emotions. Do the work, get the dough.

6) After purging will come karmic dues and accounts because we will have to settle our karma, we will have to give what we owe to other people, one on one or in bulk, depends on how much karma you have accumulated and I am talking about years of service so better start like yesterday. Why are we doing this? So that when we are finally enjoying the fruits of our labor by which I don’t mean material stuff but more like inner peace. we don’t want someone to come and disturb us just because we owe them. We will settle all karmic dues with family too, till it all becomes neutral and we can focus on the right things.

7) You might have some fears or feelings or emotions from your past lives, like suddenly you can develop a phobia for some time. Don’t worry you are just clearing your past lives, it will clear out.

8) You might be called to travel to high energy places or temples or places that can help you because you are clearing a lot, you need a boost of energy. Some insights might come when you go to these places, but this one is not necessary for everyone. Also some trips can be karmic I feel, like people will take you there or you might take someone, again after some time it will all clear out on its own. I love settling karma by travel, what an amazing way.

9) You will change of course; you will finally understand what is happening with you and accept this process and learn to deal with it. Spirituality will become who you are, not an option or a hobby anymore. You asked for it, the universe will say. It just showed you there is so much more than the daily grind so then do it happily, it will bring you contentment and inner peace. Trust me it will. Universe is a nice person at the end of the day.

Some ways you can make this process easier on yourself:

– Take care of your physical body, now you are a conduit of the universe. Treat your body like a temple. Makes it much easier, find what you like. E.g. I like dancing and swimming over yoga, but you do you. Body is a really important part of this process.

– This much energy needs to be managed so learn all the tools that can help you, ideally a form of kundalini sadhana, I practice kriya yoga but you find what is best for you. It will make your life 200 percent easier.

– Make your spiritual practice a priority, understand that you are never more guided, protected and safe when on this path. So, don’t stress over little things or material goals. They will happen for you but do not ignore this part of your life. People, tool, messages, guidance all will come to you in the right time.

Lastly be like Alice, enjoy yourself while you ae exploring this whole new thing. You will be able to much better balance your life. This article is from limited knowledge and experience, I do not claim to be a kundalini expert at all but I wrote it because I myself was in “WTF ” phase for a really long time and I wish you have more clarity than me. I really wish you do it well.

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