First, let me define what standing in your own power really means. It is quite simple really. When you are independent financially and emotionally (does not mean you have to be alone). When you are rooted and anchored in your own power, you don’t accept any kind of disrespect, mistreatment, injustice from anyone. You are completely vocal about your needs and can not stay in imbalanced relationships where you are giving more and receiving less.

Heavy stuff, Phew. I wish to write children books and fairy tales, but someone got to do this too. So, when you start to stand in your power, people might hate you a little, or a lot, depending on what kind of people you have chosen to be surrounded by at that moment. But even if they hate you, you will love yourself a lot more, so I would say it is a win-win. About others they will either leave or accept your power and come around. Major plus side you will meet beautiful new people who will love you in all your glory and power. So, I say go for it.

No, you might ask me why you should go through all this trouble. Why should you do this? What is in it for you? A lot my friend.

PEACE: – It gives you a lot of peace when you come out of suppression. Added advantage is you look better as all your hormonal issue clear out; you do realize that all your illnesses are a product of your emotions. Peace is highly underrated. When you finally say your truth, come out of bad relationships, your life gets all dreamy and you get all glowy. Trust me on this.

SUCCESS: – You get very successful eventually once you realize your power. People think they can be successful even when they are powerless in their personal relationships. Life doesn’t work like this. If you don’t stand in your power at home, you will not be able to stand in your power at work too. You will clearly lack that self-belief as it is anchored in someone else. If you are lucky, then your partner might be supportive and do can do things to a certain extent, but you have to unleash your own power. People who wish to object to this, I would say you can be in love and also be aware of your own potential. A little bit of power never hurts unconditional love but conditionally suppressed relationships it can destroy like a fort built with a pack of cards. Choose Success, because let’s be honest, everyone comes around anyway when you are successful.

P.S. – This happens equally to both the genders.

CONFIDENCE: – Believing in yourself when no one believes in you, that is a sign of true power. You have to take risks, invest in your dreams, how will you do it without confidence? You have to love yourself even if no one loves you. When you secretly already know what you are capable of, confidence will flow. If you always look to other people, they will limit your life to their capabilities and experiences. By standing in your power, you will get the confidence to make your own path.

FREEDOM: – How great it feels to have financial freedom? It feels amazing right. About 100 times more amazing is emotional freedom. This is a tough one but when your love is not based on excessive attachment to anyone, you have such freedom of mind, heart and soul. You are totally free to go after your dreams whilst having a lot of love in your life of all kinds. When you realize your power and are anchored in self-love, you will have no emotional burden and you are good to go. The feeling is inexplicable.

So, you should go through this process, but remember to communicate with love as power based in humility goes a long way. There sure might be arguments or discussions, navigate them well, I wish you a lot of power and love.

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