About us

Priyannsha is a Kriya yogi, and Merlin practitioner. Always trying to strive a balance between spiritual and material. Practices color therapy and art therapy. Loves words and discovering their healing power. She loves to write about the unknown and unusual that won’t be seen with the naked eye. She is also a believer of ” You are you for a reason.”


The Sole mission of this community is to share my experiences and life learnings in the hope of making people happier, kinder and richer. I looked for my spiritual purpose for a long time and found it. My spiritual purpose is spreading light though wisdom, and by doing that  if I touch someone’s life and make it easier, it will give me immense joy. 

I am a huge believer of doing good and good karma only, whatever come may. All the information on this Blog, the products and my social media platforms have been made with an intent of service and helping people navigate through tough circumstances. God knows I have been there, done that and no suffering should be wasted but rather it must be used to reduce other’s suffering in the same areas.

Karma cannot be created and destroyed by someone else, so don’t except such things from me. Do it right. I am only here to show the light. Wish you more wisdom and light and love, forever. 

This is Mahavtar Babaji, Pioneer of Kriya Yoga , Himalayan Yogi and Guru. Just reciting his name is said to bring you a Spiritual Blessing.